Muebles sobre diseño

Custom Furniture

HÉCTOR VELA Genuino Casa. True specialists at creating pleasant atmospheres in all spaces thanks to interior design work focused on the needs and desires of its clients.

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We can design, decorate, equip and furnish your home; fill each of your spaces with light and color while you are away.

Arquitectura vanguard

Avant Garde Architecture

The perfect combination of interior architecture, furniture, materials and finishing touches for home, allow us to achieve something different and unique with each of our projects.


Interior Design

Its renowned Interior design projects start from the most important principle, which is the total integration of the natural elements inside the house; elegant yet spontaneous decorations for home.

Arte 'Cool'

Cool Art

The core theme of these unique art pieces is everyday life, that which is simply special within the ordinary; paintings and sculptures that are both a reflection and an interpretation of a contemporary reality.

Hoteles y restaurantes

Hotels and Restaurants

Restaurant furniture. We know of the pleasure a diner wants to feel while seating in his favorite restaurant, as well as the comfort and wellbeing our hotel furniture provide to a guest in the hotel of his dreams.

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