How to organize your house and keep it tidy

How to organize your house and keep it tidy

In a previous blog, we discussed 5 basic factors to generate well-being in your spaces and their advantages. One of them is order, which goes hand in hand with organization. In this installment, we share some simple tips to start the path to organizing your home or your apartment and, above all, keep them in order for as long as possible, aspects that will help you in your daily routine and discipline

Where to begin?

Establish purposes. Create one or different purposes and remember them every time demotivation appears during the process of organizing your home. Remember that the order and organization of your rooms, more than an end, are a means to achieve your daily goals efficiently.

Make a plan. Take into account the time you have; whether it is midweek or on weekends. Consider that it will be a task that takes time, so do not be overwhelmed by not finishing in a week (or a day). Just be consistent: if you have two hours a day, respect that time exclusively.

Focus. Yes, we know that when you open the drawers you will find objects, photos, books that you thought were lost and perhaps they will bring back memories. Focus on your work, you will have time, further ahead, to devote attention to them.

Start with an uncomplicated room. The bathroom or laundry room is a good start, but don't limit yourself: if you already have a room in mind that keeps you up at night, get started!

Donate, throw away or give away: Identify pharmacies where expired medicines can be disposed of. Locate, in advance, the places where you could donate clothes, dishes and even furniture, to avoid having them piled up for days and robbing you of space. There are sites that specialize in recycling fabrics or paper, it is a good time to locate them.

Observe and extract what is stored in the furniture, one by one. Donate or dispose of clothing, toys, or junk that have been in storage for more than a year without being used or are in poor condition. Check expiration dates of medicines, cosmetics and spices. Donate books from previous school grades, keep books on general culture, specialized topics or that serve as reference in successive grades.

Classify. Put in bags or containers what you are going to donate, give away and dispose of. Classify what you are going to keep: use labels, boxes and organizers. There are specialized stores that design them to suit your needs and space.

Expert Tip: When removing items from each piece of furniture and room, sort them at the same time to avoid scattering. Make a list with possible categories, surely you will have to adapt it as the process progresses, the important thing is to start with a base.

Maintain continuity. Return each object to its place. Respect the labels and containers that you place. If each element is visible and responds to what you really need, it will help you keep each room tidy.

Make adjustments. Establish one day a week to make adjustments in the order and organization; remember your initial purposes, they are the ones who set the tone.

Without a doubt, keeping your spaces organized will bring harmony to your home and your family. If it is your business, it will optimize activities and the environment will be warmer and more productive. This reorganization process is a first step in implementing a redecoration plan or turning the personality of each room 180 degrees. You will see that, by staying in each place already organized and redecorated, it will transmit moments of happiness and well-being.

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