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People often say "we are what we eat"... we can take it further and say "we are where we live"... we are that favorite coffee table, the lamp on the night table and the mirror where we look at ourselves before leaving home.

Poet say we are wind, priests say we are dust... but we can simply say, as we talk in the kitchen... "We are our home". The house that is our presentation card before the society and defines our personality; this house that will accompany us till the end of the world, and is the living reflection of our soul.

Nothing in the world better revives our spirit as changing the house décor from time to time, true?

HÉCTOR VELA Genuino Casa is recognized by its projects of interior architecture and interior design, where the most important principle is the total integration of natural elements within the house; elegant, yet spontaneous… designs that incorporate bamboo, glass, natural fibers, original materials and so much more! With HÉCTOR VELA Genuino Casa the world is within your reach.

Let us pay you a visit wherever you may be. We will bring along all the beauty and comfort to decorate your home, that very special place. Make the decision to embrace a new life style, one where you can honestly say "I am home".

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