Interiorismo en restaurantes

Hotels and Restaurants

If you look for hospitality, HÉCTOR VELA Genuino Casa is the best choice to furnish, equip and decorate those restaurants, hotels and related establishments in need of a complete, original work, tailored to meet their needs within the growing hospitality industry.

Our team of renowned interior designers, with a creative spirit for which there are no limits, work with ideas never seen before in hospitality building interior design and décor. We know of the pleasure a diner wants to feel while seating in his favorite restaurant, as well as the comfort and wellbeing our hotel furniture provide to a guest in the hotel of his dreams. We are experts at creating perfect atmospheres.

Decoración de hoteles
Decoración de restaurantes
Diseño interior en hoteles
Diseño interior en restaurantes
Hoteles y restaurantes
Interiorismo en hoteles

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